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Thursday, 19 June 2014

Treating Oral Cancer at Texas Premier Dental

The disease Cancer needs no introduction. People around the globe have witnessed and suffered different forms of it and to date Cancer remains a deadly life terminating disease. Now to say why and how one suffers from Cancer is a long debate but safely said that different people have different tendencies to fall prey to it. Some have a high risk factor while others are better able to prevent themselves.

Oral Cancer is the cancer of the mouth and the most significant reason for developing it has been researched as the use of tobacco and alcohol. A lot of people globally has suffered due to the over consumption of these along with over exposure to the sun which has caused lip cancer.

At Texas Premier our dentists and practitioners use state of the art equipment and expertise to detect, analyze and treat the occurrence of any such traces. Oral cancer may be prevalent in the following areas:

Oral Cavity Areas which includes the gums, lining of the cheeks, roof of the mouth and floor of the mouth
• Lips or
• Oropharynx which includes tonsils and back area of the throat

It is however a fact that Oral cancer takes its toll more on men than women. People around the globe who suffered from oral cancer usually second the fact that alcohol and has been the biggest contributing factor for the development of Oral Cancer.

“It has been a generic fact that most of the patients visiting us having Oral Cancer and those who are screened with it are heavy drug abusers” comments our Oral screening expert at Texas Premier Dental. We at Texas Premier not only offer treatment for the malicious disease but have a thorough screening procedure which can at the very moment determine the doubtful areas.

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Cosmetic Dentistry at Premier Texas Dental

Cosmetic Dentistry has evolved significantly in the current times. With a high rise of people spending a fortune on the way they look and present themselves cosmetic dentistry has really taken its pace. Following are the procedures which are included as cosmetic ones, enhancing or generally overall improving your smile and eventually your final look.

1. Bleaching your teeth:
Bleaching to whiten discolored, yellow teeth or teeth having stains has answered a lot of questions about deteriorating confidence levels and presentation. Bleaching the teeth has definitely taken the front seat for a large number of people especially tea/coffee consumers and smokers who depend on bleaching or teeth whitening a lot.

2. Repairing chipped teeth or rough edges with pertinent matching fillings:
Accidents or hereditary are the reasons for improper alignment or rough edges of the teeth. Today technology and development in science has bridged this gap of error and found solution by offering fillings and such composites which do wonders to the chipped tooth, bringing back the beauty and coherence in your perfect smile.

3. No Silver/Metallic Fillings:
Gone are the days when just a laughter or a dainty smile would reveal how ornamentally rich you are! Yes today no longer you need to worry about exposing your riches as today the composite fillings not only take the exact same color of your teeth but also offer extra strength to your tooth in the long run.

4. Reshaping Teeth and Closing Gaps:
Edgy teeth with gaps could be so frustrating. Nevertheless cosmetic dentistry has yet again found a pertinent solution for that too and offered help to those who would shy away from offering their precious smiles!

Texas Premier Dental offers the above and many more services regarding the cosmetic dentistry along with dentists who specifically specialize in the field.

 If you feel you need a cosmetic solution then you know exactly where to go!

Monday, 16 June 2014

Our Dentists at Texas Premier Dental

A beautiful smile can have magical returns. A dentist is the one who ensures that you retain your striking smile forever. Texas Premier Dental is one clinic which specializes in not only retaining your smile but also enhancing it way further. How? Well it’s simple enough. We have a team of specialized dentists who have expertise in various specialized fields and offer the most pertinent and quality solutions to our valued patients.

Why our dentists at Texas Premier are the best? Well, following are the most convincing reasons we have outlined for you:

• Ranging from regular dentistry to cosmetic ones, our dentists at Texas Premier are thorough professionals and hold expertise in their requisite fields ensuring 100% effectiveness and efficiency in every procedure they carry out.

• The idea and concept of research is the number one prerogative of our dentists making the concept of continuously improving the work procedures and technology inculcation in work processes the top priority.

• No procedure or process is initiated by our dentists without communicating the details to the patient and seeking consent for the entire procedures. Education of the process and its implications has to be communicated fully before start of any procedures.

• Similarly our dentists seek entire medical history of our clients to ensure no medication used during the process has any kind of side effect of the patient.

• The team of dentists at Texas Premier Dental use state of the art machinery and equipment in carrying out the dentistry procedures ensuring that maximum benefits and highest quality of material are utilized to achieve maximum benefits.

The above qualities and so many more definitely add up to the benefits our patients receive in terms of quality services and customer retention. It is our core belief that only loyalty to the profession by offering the best dentistry services could retain the top position for Texas Premier Dental.

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Defining Quality Dentures

A smile defines a personality and who understands that better than Texas Premier Dental who takes an extra mile to ensure that their patients get back their deserved smile. Missing teeth has always been a serious issue and science has helped discover modes and ways in which these problems could be addressed.

Dentures in the recent times have taken the role of life savers of these beautiful smiles. These dentures are a definite piece of art requiring proper finesse in handling, crafting and then placing in the designated spaces. Every denture made is unique customized to the mouth and configuration of the teeth. No two dentures could be completely alike. Hence design of these dentures requires proper study and analysis of the mouth. It is impossible to design dentures without a proper impression of the mouth carefully taken.

Now the question arises that which dentures are the best and how to ensure its quality and performance. It is no doubt that if you go for cheaper stuff, replacement becomes an inevitable option while good quality of dentures not only last long but are comfortable and reliable.

The use of high impact acrylic is the best option for the base of dentures as the base of these dentures is made with acrylics. Similarly the quality of teeth made also needs to be checked as it is an important question while getting the dentures made. Similarly cheaper alloys used like nickel could cause problems especially if the host is allergic to it. A chrome cobalt denture is the best option.

Hence all in all a thorough analysis of the kind and quality of dentures is important. At Texas Premier Dental we give our patients flexibility to decide the kind of denture they require placing the best quality of options to them.