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Thursday, 6 November 2014

Root Canal Treatment

To understand the procedure and requirements of a root canal treatment one really needs to understand the anatomy of the teeth and how actually the infection in the pulp of the teeth causes the need of the treatment to arise.
Basically root canal treatment is a procedure which is required when the pulp of the tooth containing blood vessels, nerves and connective tissues become inflamed or infected and to remove it becomes absolutely necessary for the life of the tooth. The outer hard layer of the tooth having white enamel is the dentin initially destroyed by the bacteria; causing it to reach the pulp which then becomes inflamed and infected causing severe pain in the nerves of the tooth.

The pulp containing these blood vessels and tissues need to be cleaned and then filled with a rubber like substance called gutta-percha. The tooth is then covered with the crown for safety of the treatment and to retain the normal look and functioning of the tooth. A root canal treatment if properly looked after could last a lifetime and ensure your comfortable bite.

Root canal treatment usually takes more than two sittings but that depending on the requirement and the extent of damaged tooth. Today due to the modern scientific methods and solutions root canal has become less complicated and involves minimum pain in the treatment. The comfort of the patient definitely is one of the priorities covered by Texas Premier Dental.

At Texas Premier Dental we have the most innovative methodologies adopted for the root canal treatment ensuring that every step is carefully planned with the best equipments used. At Texas Premier Dental not only the treatment is exceptional but those treating are the expert dentists holding special expertise in the field combined with a vast experience.