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Thursday, 28 August 2014

Which toothpaste suits your teeth the best?

Ever wonder of the toothpastes you buy? What classifies them as different?

There are many brand names available in the market but did you ever for a moment wonder which is the best suited for your set of teeth?

Well today at Texas Premier we wish to aware our dear clients of the different uses and purposes of toothpastes that are available in the market.

·Toothpastes with a high content of fluoride are effective for the treatment of teeth with a high probability of cavities. Toothpastes having sodium fluoride (NaF) are usually meant for the adults rather than young children. The high consistency of fluoride in them requires effective ability in the children to spit it out rather than swallowing the paste.

·Other toothpastes which are meant for tartar control also help in reducing the probability of tartar deposits on the teeth which harm the gum line. The paste is effective in reducing the presence of the tartar on the teeth. To reduce tartar below the gum line you require professional help. However increased use of the tartar concentrated paste could cause increased sensitivity to the tooth.

· The myth that baking soda removed stains has still not been proved. Rather than having a favorable taste there appears no significant proven result of using it.

· To treat chronic gingivitis and inflammation of gums different medicated tooth pastes are available in the market which should be used as per the consultation of your dentist.

· Whitening toothpaste consistency includes abrasive elements to whiten and brighten your teeth. Usually recommended for stain removals caused by excessive smoking, chewing tobacco and use of alcohol the concentration of these abrasive elements may cause the problem of soft tissue sores.

At Texas Premier our dentists and experts would guide you on the suitable toothpastes from the above and other categories best meant for your set of teeth.

It’s the crackers not the candies!

90% of the people wouldn’t know this but trust me you will be amazed to know that it’s not those high calorie sugar content in candies causing those cavities in your teeth; it’s actually something else and has literally nothing to do with sugar!

Yes, absolutely I am all aware of what I am saying and would want to take this opportunity to present to you the major snack item which is deadly to your teeth and people sugar coated candies are not on the top of the list!

So ladies and gentlemen let me introduce you to the famous snack item i.e. the saltine crackers which are the number one havoc makers for your teeth. The starch content of these crackers is very high which causes the bacteria to feast on them and hence multiply. The simple bad breath is the reason of the excretion of waste products by these bacteria in the mouth which actually makes a person realize the gross effects of consuming these crackers.

It is actually very true that dark chocolates are not bad for teeth and if taken in moderation helps to curb cholesterol and high blood pressures. Hence there are many myths associated with the foods that cause caries on the teeth and most people are surprised to find that it’s not the sugar laden candies or chocolates but saltish fermentable crackers doing most of the damage. These crackers are not only a usual snack item at homes but we readily offer to young toddlers too.

We believe in a comfortable lifestyle to be enjoyed and want the same for our dear clients hence we at Texas Premier Dental has always taken a timely stance in offering a solution to our clients and in fact are guiding them always towards a solution for every problem.

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Texas asks a check on the Demineralization of teeth

Demineralization is the process in which the acid content in hi sugar content of food is used to destroy the enamel of the teeth causing plaque on the teeth. When you consume acidic foods the teeth are much exposed to the chance of cavities by destroying the calcium content in the teeth. The pH level lower of your mouth lower than 7 is termed as acidic while that which is higher is considered basic. Hence to know the first step that causes tooth decay is when the pH level of your mouth falls below 5.5.

At Texas Premier Dental, pamphlets and handouts have recently been published for the environmental responsibility of the incline in the number of people and especially young children who develop cavities in a very early age.

Various welfare programs have been organized by Texas Premier Dental in communicating it pictorially and theoretically to the masses of people to aware them of the side effects these hi sugar candies, fizzy drinks and various other consumable items hold.

Recent information about this concept of demineralization which erodes the calcium and other essential minerals off teeth leading to tooth decay has been given much consideration and importance. As when in very young age a child becomes prone to decay there are good chances of further destroy of the enamel leading to complicated processes of root canal, and other specialized surgeries of extraction and artificial replacements of teeth.

At Texas Premier Dental we work day in and out for the eradication of these simple issues which later in the life complicate and get bigger and then becomes difficult to reverse the effects. It is seriously advised to ban the products for children younger than the age of 5 which contain a high content of artificial sugars like fizzy drinks and artificially colored and flavored candy bars.