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Sunday, 30 March 2014

Texas Premier Dental Solves The Toothpaste Syndrome

The pearly white teeth are an ambition of all. To maintain a perfect set of teeth you need to also know your toothpaste better too. A random selection over the counter is not recommended. One should get into the habit of knowing the brands and the options you are getting your hands on.

For starters an ADA seal is a compulsory one. Until and unless the toothpaste is a recommendation of the American Dental Association it is naïve to invest on any other unsure brand. The dentists and expert practitioners at Texas Premier Dental in a latest survey conducted have found out that most citizens do not pay attention to the toothpaste they buy. On the name of a paste they just get their hands on any readily available brand. Many times it is observed that people just for the sake of saving a few cents put their teeth into jeopardy.

A few considerations while buying a tooth paste could actually prove healthy. Remember toothpaste is all about fluoride. The more the element the better it is! So those having fluoride water don’t need to worry about an over dose of it as the more the fluoride cleaning and reaching your teeth the better protected it shall remain from tartar, bacteria and decay.

Another misconception is that the lavish the amount of paste you pour on your brush the better clean your teeth will be. Well that’s not true, only a pea sized amount of paste could do just the trick. And last but certainly not the least it’s the manner that you adopt in the brushing. Your brushing should reach every corner of your mouth and space in between the tooth. A reckless style of brushing can have long term results resulting in bacterial attack in areas which remain unclean for a longer period of time.

Monday, 24 March 2014

Texas Premier Dental Says Yes to Dark Chocolate

Chocolate is healthy for the teeth. Don’t believe me? Well, if you are a chocolate lover and have to refrain yourself from indulging in it for oral reasons; then you should read on…

Yes, scientists have today proved that consuming a certain genre of chocolate is actually healthy for the teeth. Specifically dark chocolate which is the least processed form of cocoa beans actually hold cardiac and oral benefits. So to say it is the magical cocoa bean which in its most natural form is healthy to the teeth. Then the closest a chocolate’s form will be towards its origin, the better!

Tannins, polyphenols and flavonoids are antioxidants which play a major part in health management of the teeth. These three elements are present in cocoa beans which make it a favorable product to be used for health purposes. These dark chocolates contains tannins which are responsible for giving it a bitter taste and hinder the process of bacterial accumulation on the teeth. Similarly the other two help in delaying the tooth decay and maintaining fresh breath.

The higher the percentage of cocoa in your bar of chocolate the better it shall prove to your teeth. It should therefore be verified before purchase of the chocolate bar whether what percentage of cocoa is promised by the company in it. Texas Premier Dental recognize the love and fetish specifically women and children hold for chocolates. We definitely don’t say no to chocolate but yes we stress on all levels of moderation.

It is advised by experts at Texas Premier Dental that excess of everything is bad and moderation is the key to success. Similarly to maintain good healthy teeth, one should have a moderate healthy diet and some chocolate specifically the dark ones consumed within defined limits could be proved healthy too.

Friday, 14 March 2014

The Mighty Power of a Simple Tooth Brush

We have on the forum talked about the most complicated of the surgeries performed by the panel of experts at Texas Premier Dental. Ranging from the whitening procedure to the complicated Root Canal Surgery, we at Texas Premier have well covered many details on the subject of dental surgeries and care.

Today we want to touch upon a topic which may appear simplistic on account but when evaluated the importance of it, the subject seems detrimental if not given its due importance. The subject is the simple tooth brush. A tooth brush is an item of necessity used for brushing of the teeth to ensure cleanliness of the mouth and the teeth.

We at Texas Premier Dental have unfortunately noticed that simple measures like a requirement of replacing a tooth brush due to laze of our patients which results in dire effects to the teeth. It is said that a maximum of three months should be spent with the same tooth brush as the brushing procedure causes the wear and tear of the bristles which may later on be unable to reach the spaces in the teeth.

Similarly it is important to let your tooth brush be dried once you have used it so that the moisture doesn’t cause the development of bacteria or germs on it which on later brushing may enter your mouth. Similarly it is highly recommended that if you have had a sore throat or any of the viral diseases it is to be made sure that the tooth brush is replaced by a new one so that the germs do not reenter the body and cause it infected again.

At Texas Premier Dental we work night and day, dealing with research work and analysis to ensure that our clients get the best solutions to their everyday dental issues.

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Texas Premier Dental Deals with the Extraction of the Wisdom Tooth

Commonly known as the wisdom tooth, these teeth are the last to erupt from the gums. They erupt during the age of 17 to 25 years and can have serious complicated implications. There is a large population of people who have this problem which needs to be addressed. At Texas Premier Dental we offer the best of the services especially the complicated surgery of removing of the third molar commonly termed as the wisdom tooth.

The pain of an impacted tooth, the tooth that has no place to break through the gums could be an excruciating experience. We at Texas Premier Dental ensure that the pain is minimized and the surgery performed brings utmost comfort and ease to our patients.

The repercussions of an impacted wisdom teeth has sometimes dire consequences as the inner third molar of the mouth is the most difficult to clean and if remain untreated may result in the flow of bacteria to the neighboring tooth. Sometimes the infection may enter the bloodstream which causes    problems to the heart, lungs or any other organs of the body.

Considering the enormity of importance of the detection and resolution of the infected tooth, we at Texas Premier Dental offer the complete package for the treatment of the solution. From proper scanning to the surgery and then the precautionary steps need to be taken.

In most cases these problematic wisdom tooth are extracted from the mouth but in many cases if the tooth has erupted normally, is pain free, hygienic and in any case do not create pressure to the rest of the teeth then only the tooth is considered healthy and could be retained.

We at Texas Premier have a panel of expert surgeons for the purpose of extraction which matches to the practice of the international standards.

Saturday, 1 March 2014

Texas Premier Dental Removes the Problem of Bad Breath

The issue that we at Texas Premier Dental focus on specifically is that which usually people ignore but if they realize they have that problem, it is an immense source of embarrassment for them. The problem is that of bad breath. A bad breath is usually a great turn off and a source of tussle in a healthy relationship.

Sometimes it is the food that we consume or a complicated dental problem. Sometimes a simplistic resolution would help eradicate the offensive problem while sometimes a proper treatment may be required. In any case serious attention needs to be paid to the problem.

Cavities, plague or bacteria may be the reasons causing a bad breath or just an onion or garlic would be responsible for the damage. We at Texas Premier Dental offer the best guidelines and treatments for the prevention and elimination of bad breath.

It is very hard to discover the problem if one suffers from a bad breath or not. For that purpose a strong confidant or a friend could give you the best answer. Sometimes the floss should be checked up and if it gives out a bad odor than definitely you are a victim of a bad breath.

Quick fixes like a sugary mind chewing gum is not at all a solution of bad breath and it may aggravate the problem a bit further by the debris of sugar left on your teeth to be attacked by bacteria which shall eventually multiply the damage done. 

At Texas Premier Dental your bi annual visits cover each and every detail of your dental requirements. From bad breath to gum cancer we don’t miss out any lurking issue. Bad breath has been a problem of many of our patients but simple solutions have removed the issue permanently.