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Monday, 21 July 2014

At Texas Premier Dental; We Treasure your Smiles

If the eyes speak volumes of human emotions, the smile reflects them. Your smile can lift a pensive, sad environment to a happy, joyful moment. Smiles eases the most challenging and troublesome times by lightening the mood and tension of the moment. Similarly it is a smile which forms the most strengthened bonds and unites relationships together. Texas Premier Dental believes in the power of your smile and strives to perfect it for ensuring the powerful impact it has on the recipient.

Numerous over the counter solutions like whitening tooth pastes and other smile enhancing products are available which may to a certain extent improve the overall look of the teeth but do not offer lasting benefits. They either depict a certain percentage of the result or sometimes just are not satisfactory. Few items like bleaching agents really don’t justify the overall contents of the paste or solution. At Texas Premier Dental we from the very first step take a professional stance, for whether actually what is required of your teeth.

Thanks to the development in cosmetic dentistry the number of options to improve the overall look of the teeth has multiplied manifolds. A thorough analysis of the status of the teeth of the patient would give a clear idea of the requirement of them. A whitening procedure might sometimes be all it requires with its requisite bleaching specifications to de-stain the teeth due to excessive use of caffeine, alcohol and cigarettes.

Similarly at times the space between the tooth and the misaligned teeth would require a procedure which may require the use of orthodontics or veneers to support it. Whatever the situation maybe solutions are available in the form of the most advanced veneers, lumineers, orthodontics, crowns and other laser therapies at your very own Texas Premier Dental.

Relieve yourself from toothaches

Of all the pain you endure in the world, a tooth ache is a significant and very obviously noted one. A tooth ache can be sharp enough to grip your entire face, resulting in an individual in great physical and psychological pain. There can be a number of reasons for the resultant tooth ache but the most common one is the development of cavities on the tooth.

Development of cavities is a much debated topic and Texas Premier Dental has held many social awareness programs to develop understanding of personal oral hygiene. Programs specifically catering to children awareness have been carried out in various localities to enhance oral care and improve the hygiene significantly.

The development of cavities on the teeth reflects also the diet we consume. Too much sugar and starch content on the teeth could ultimately break the tooth enamel causing the bacteria to reside and infect the area causing it to decay. This decay results in tooth ache and if remain unchecked may worsen the decay and reach the pulp of the tooth Procedures like root canal treatment then become inevitable which further complicate the procedure.

A root canal treatment is like a mini tooth surgery and is finally supported with a crown. A crown if done well professionally may last a lifetime. The crown of the tooth ensures that the operated tooth is now safe from further damage. A tooth ache hence could have different significance depending on its intensity and nature.

At Texas Premier Dental we understand the variety of situations you may come across while you experience the ever irritating tooth ache. We however as promised with the state of the art equipment housed by us at the facility offer the most advanced treatment by the very experts and professionals in the field.

Monday, 14 July 2014

Texas Premier Dental grows with your Word of Mouth

The current trends in communication and technology inculcation have revolutionised the modus operandi of businesses. Be it hard core commercial businesses or hospitals and civil help centres.To survive in the market place today one needs to be proactive with its reputation building and marketing strategy.

Volumes may be written about the mode and medium used for better marketing the products but there is none which beats the power of the word of mouth. Texas Premier Dental holds this unique and lucrative power holding its reputation much higher than those of any service provider.

But the question is how is the word of mouth won? How did we at Texas Premier Dental make it happen? What was the defining factor for us?

The answer is simple. Excellent quality, Continuous improvement and Employee satisfaction have always been the core areas of competencies for the company. We never needed to go out of the way and spend millions on billboards and web trafficking. We at Texas have definitely spent millions on marketing but the way we did was investing on the pleasure and the comfort of our customers. We marketed by making our customers happy.

We generated fruitful results by training our dentists specifically in different specialisations such that the expertise they developed remains unmatched to most operating in the state. This is the secret of our success at Texas Premier Dental. It is the goodwill, the word of mouth which had done wonders for our business and the market in which we operate. We by our best practices and community social welfare programs need not make tall claims on any social medium of our practices.

Our work procedures were loved and were simply communicated amongst all loved ones, which made our own big family of Texas Premier Dental.

Sunday, 6 July 2014

A Note of Thanks from Our Client

This is an email we received by our loyal client Joan Anderson with respect to the services she enjoyed at Texas Premier Dental.

“They say small gestures many times make a huge impact and that is what Texas Premier Dental did with their small, unique and kind gestures with which they have definitely won a lot of happiness and satisfaction from their clients. It’s about the way you feel when you enter the facility. The moment of ease is not a miss and you feel immediately at home with the hospitable services provided right from the administrative procedure till the dentist’s chair.

I feel utmost pride to relate my experience with Texas Premier Dental for it was such. A dentist’s fear with forceps is one of the biggest fear I have had all my life but this experience at Texas not only radically changed my idea but also convinced me that the dentist’s care and concern for me is much more than that of mine. Such was the service I received from the expert practitioners at Texas Premier Dental.

The best part is the up to date communication services which we received on timely basis. From appointment reminders to medical checkups and medical interview, everything was done on time and with precision. With that effective communication was being relayed all the time of the requirements and methodology adopted for the process to ensure that the patients hold no ambiguity of the procedural details and remain well communicated.

Such was the holistic image portrayed by the teamwork of Texas Premier Dental. The small minute details were covered with kindness which made a huge impact. I would like to thank Texas Premier Dental for their extraordinary comfortable services which revolutionised my idea of dental practice and the professionals involved in it.


Joan Anderson
Bank Analyst“