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Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Do you have weak gums?

Do you see blood every time you spit while brushing your teeth? Do yours gums bleed often? And if yes what are the remedies or precautions to take in such circumstances? Questions like these and numerous ones alike have been asked time and again by our valued clientele at Texas Premier Dental. Today specifically we want to focus on weak gums and patients having in turn the problem of gingivitis.

At Texas Premier Dental many patients who come to us unfortunately are not direct sufferers of bad teeth and cavities but in fact are the victims of the resultant action of weak gums. Weak bleeding gums is a common complaint that we at Texas Premier Dental face. Time and again we have dealt with the most complicated situations resulting with weak gums however we have remained victorious in dealing with every challenging gum situation.

A disease like Leukaemia might also be the cause of persistent bleeding gums however usually the reasons for bleeding gums may include injury, mouth sores, nutritional disorders, pregnancy, blood disorders etc. Once your dentist diagnosis you as a patient having weak gums the things that you must avoid are chewy chocolates, hard crackers or hard substances to bite. Also to avoid are the extreme temperature drinks i.e. one should have liquids and food both without them being too hot or cold.

Similarly brushes with soft bristles should always be used and hard brushing should be avoided so that any undue pressure on the teeth and gums could be avoided. It is to be understood that weak gums in turn weakens the teeth causing different problems like caries, brittle teeth and overall discomfort in the mouth. At Texas Premier Dental we work day in an out to ensure that every medication and comfort we offer suits our patients’ needs perfectly.

Friday, 17 October 2014

The Myth about Chewing Gums

Tell us about the gum? The chewing ones which can be kept an hour long in the mouth and makes one look like a cow feeding on the meadows! Or about those sticky gums; are they that bad of a deal? Well such and numerous such questions have been posted as important questions required to be answered on the forum of Texas Premier Dental.

Well as they say that “The only question that is stupid is the one that is not asked.” Hence definitely the question for many seem very trivial however the fact of the matter is that is has a varied complex answer.

So to answer; first of all the basic thing to be understood is that starch and sugar causes deposits on the teeth causing bacteria to infest and later result in decay. Hence anything having an excess amount of starch or sugar is said to affect negatively the oral hygiene of the recipient. So if the gum has excess of that and is used for a longer period of time it definitely causes the concern that is required.

Nevertheless sugar and starch from the gums do not emanate incessantly from the gum and after a few chews the bland taste of the sticky chewy substance is left. In fact many times just exercising your jaw and chewing the gum has a positive impact on your oral health as it helps to floss and clean the areas of your teeth which the brush and floss can’t possibly reach.

Again one concern could be chewing a lot of gums especially for those having a lot of dental fillings and crowns etc should be avoided as it may weak the foundation of the materials used to keep the fillings and crown intact. Again the simple thing to be kept in mind always is that everything within limits benefits and only overdoing something is a cause of concern.

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Our Experts, Our Dentists at Texas Premier Dental

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines a dentist as;

“A licensed practitioner who is skilled in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases, injuries and malformations of the teeth, jaws and mouth and who makes and inserts false teeth.”

Undoubtedly a dentist by definition should have the above mentioned qualities and without the inculcation of the above mentioned qualities a dentist couldn’t truly be termed fit for the title. It is indeed the complete ability of a person to analyze the problem of the patients, give proper diagnosis and adopt skills for further aggravation prevention strategies that are requisites of a dentist. Similarly the ability to single-handedly manage a treatment operation caused due to injuries or any other accidental cause with sheer intellect and knowledge defines the calibre and potential of a good dentist.

Following stringent policies of expert employment of dentists and carefully ensuring their continuous growth by training and providing state of the art equipments and mechanics is the human resource development strategy of Texas Premier Dental. We at Texas Premier have a specialized panel of experts who care for different treatment requirements according to the patients and their problems.

It is indeed the whole environment of comfort and understanding that our dentists offer to the patients which solves half of the problem. It is our strong belief at Texas Premier Dental that only identification of the problem solves half of the problem. We at Texas Premier Dental thoroughly analyze the problem following rigorously the solution mechanism required. It is apt nipping the problem in the bud which makes our procedures so flawless and smooth.

It is our credo at Texas Premier that customer care and comfort is never to be compromised hence following the policy we place all our stakes on customer care and provide valuable reliable services to our patients.