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Monday, 24 February 2014

Texas Premier Dental Advises on Calcium Rich Food

Despite all the treatment introduced and available with medical science, precaution and care is the best treatment doctors prescribe. Hence nutrition plays an important role in the precautionary steps taken.

Calcium forms the building blocks of the bone and teeth. Calcium is an essential source for strength of the teeth. Calcium rich products are heavily given importance by the dentists and experts at Texas Premier 
Dental. Children and the pediatrics department specifically have programs conducted to educate the young and the old accordingly regarding the health and maintenance requirement of the teeth.

Early awareness leads to better health in terms of growth, development and management of the teeth. It is our aspiration at Texas Premier to create as much awareness about nutritional requirements for healthy development of teeth as much possible. Calcium rich food like milk, cheese, leafy green vegetables should form a definite inclusion in our diet plan.

For the growing children milk twice a day is essential for development of bones and teeth. If there is a lack of calcium in the body, the body tends to extract it from the teeth and bone causing them significant weakness leading to early formation of cavies, and damage etc.

Questions are raised whether the supplements cater to the damaged teeth. Well first of all, supplements do not do the same job as the natural consumption of calcium does in terms of the diet. Secondly, damaged tooth couldn’t be repaired but yes, it can lower down the pace of damage caused to the teeth.

At Texas Premier we provide you with all the diet plans that you could consume according to your preferences and Body Mass Index. Our plans are well charted out catering to each age group. Similarly, different clients have different medical problems. For them also our experts are always ready to offer the best meal that can provide them the maximum benefit.


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