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Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Texas Premier Dental Deals with the Extraction of the Wisdom Tooth

Commonly known as the wisdom tooth, these teeth are the last to erupt from the gums. They erupt during the age of 17 to 25 years and can have serious complicated implications. There is a large population of people who have this problem which needs to be addressed. At Texas Premier Dental we offer the best of the services especially the complicated surgery of removing of the third molar commonly termed as the wisdom tooth.

The pain of an impacted tooth, the tooth that has no place to break through the gums could be an excruciating experience. We at Texas Premier Dental ensure that the pain is minimized and the surgery performed brings utmost comfort and ease to our patients.

The repercussions of an impacted wisdom teeth has sometimes dire consequences as the inner third molar of the mouth is the most difficult to clean and if remain untreated may result in the flow of bacteria to the neighboring tooth. Sometimes the infection may enter the bloodstream which causes    problems to the heart, lungs or any other organs of the body.

Considering the enormity of importance of the detection and resolution of the infected tooth, we at Texas Premier Dental offer the complete package for the treatment of the solution. From proper scanning to the surgery and then the precautionary steps need to be taken.

In most cases these problematic wisdom tooth are extracted from the mouth but in many cases if the tooth has erupted normally, is pain free, hygienic and in any case do not create pressure to the rest of the teeth then only the tooth is considered healthy and could be retained.

We at Texas Premier have a panel of expert surgeons for the purpose of extraction which matches to the practice of the international standards.


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