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Monday, 24 March 2014

Texas Premier Dental Says Yes to Dark Chocolate

Chocolate is healthy for the teeth. Don’t believe me? Well, if you are a chocolate lover and have to refrain yourself from indulging in it for oral reasons; then you should read on…

Yes, scientists have today proved that consuming a certain genre of chocolate is actually healthy for the teeth. Specifically dark chocolate which is the least processed form of cocoa beans actually hold cardiac and oral benefits. So to say it is the magical cocoa bean which in its most natural form is healthy to the teeth. Then the closest a chocolate’s form will be towards its origin, the better!

Tannins, polyphenols and flavonoids are antioxidants which play a major part in health management of the teeth. These three elements are present in cocoa beans which make it a favorable product to be used for health purposes. These dark chocolates contains tannins which are responsible for giving it a bitter taste and hinder the process of bacterial accumulation on the teeth. Similarly the other two help in delaying the tooth decay and maintaining fresh breath.

The higher the percentage of cocoa in your bar of chocolate the better it shall prove to your teeth. It should therefore be verified before purchase of the chocolate bar whether what percentage of cocoa is promised by the company in it. Texas Premier Dental recognize the love and fetish specifically women and children hold for chocolates. We definitely don’t say no to chocolate but yes we stress on all levels of moderation.

It is advised by experts at Texas Premier Dental that excess of everything is bad and moderation is the key to success. Similarly to maintain good healthy teeth, one should have a moderate healthy diet and some chocolate specifically the dark ones consumed within defined limits could be proved healthy too.


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