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Monday, 7 April 2014

A Note of Thanks from Our Client!

I had a root canal done at Texas Premier Dental a month ago. I can never forget the anxiety I felt before making my visit to the clinic. I had been having palpitations a day before. Friends and family supported me throughout but my scare of having a mini surgery in my mouth and that too with a sky rocketing fear of the dentist’s chair was too much to handle.

Nevertheless it was my early appointment with the Texas Premier Dental that gave me a reason to thank my lucky stars; otherwise I would have dwelled onto it all day long. I reached the vicinity 15 minutes prior my appointment and dreaded every step towards it. I was to visit Texas Premier for the first time and on the excellent word of mouth I had arranged my visit. The moment I entered the clinic I was made extremely welcome by the help desk and the staff. I was made to sit comfortably where one of the staff member inquired of my stats and if I was allergic to any medicine and thing of that sorts. The ambiance around didn’t seem to look like I had come for an operation. It looked as if I had come for a relaxation therapy. Everyone was so courteous and kind.

Finally I met my dentist and the expert who were to perform the surgery. She gave me every detail of the process and I inquired of all the doubts I had in mind. I have to tell you by then 80% of my anxiety had vanished thanks to the interactivity and generous attitude of the human resource. The procedure no wonder was highly professionally handled while I felt no trace of the pain that I had envisioned.

Thank you Texas Premier Dental!

Fiona Grey


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