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Sunday, 6 July 2014

A Note of Thanks from Our Client

This is an email we received by our loyal client Joan Anderson with respect to the services she enjoyed at Texas Premier Dental.

“They say small gestures many times make a huge impact and that is what Texas Premier Dental did with their small, unique and kind gestures with which they have definitely won a lot of happiness and satisfaction from their clients. It’s about the way you feel when you enter the facility. The moment of ease is not a miss and you feel immediately at home with the hospitable services provided right from the administrative procedure till the dentist’s chair.

I feel utmost pride to relate my experience with Texas Premier Dental for it was such. A dentist’s fear with forceps is one of the biggest fear I have had all my life but this experience at Texas not only radically changed my idea but also convinced me that the dentist’s care and concern for me is much more than that of mine. Such was the service I received from the expert practitioners at Texas Premier Dental.

The best part is the up to date communication services which we received on timely basis. From appointment reminders to medical checkups and medical interview, everything was done on time and with precision. With that effective communication was being relayed all the time of the requirements and methodology adopted for the process to ensure that the patients hold no ambiguity of the procedural details and remain well communicated.

Such was the holistic image portrayed by the teamwork of Texas Premier Dental. The small minute details were covered with kindness which made a huge impact. I would like to thank Texas Premier Dental for their extraordinary comfortable services which revolutionised my idea of dental practice and the professionals involved in it.


Joan Anderson
Bank Analyst“


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