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Thursday, 7 August 2014

Texas asks a check on the Demineralization of teeth

Demineralization is the process in which the acid content in hi sugar content of food is used to destroy the enamel of the teeth causing plaque on the teeth. When you consume acidic foods the teeth are much exposed to the chance of cavities by destroying the calcium content in the teeth. The pH level lower of your mouth lower than 7 is termed as acidic while that which is higher is considered basic. Hence to know the first step that causes tooth decay is when the pH level of your mouth falls below 5.5.

At Texas Premier Dental, pamphlets and handouts have recently been published for the environmental responsibility of the incline in the number of people and especially young children who develop cavities in a very early age.

Various welfare programs have been organized by Texas Premier Dental in communicating it pictorially and theoretically to the masses of people to aware them of the side effects these hi sugar candies, fizzy drinks and various other consumable items hold.

Recent information about this concept of demineralization which erodes the calcium and other essential minerals off teeth leading to tooth decay has been given much consideration and importance. As when in very young age a child becomes prone to decay there are good chances of further destroy of the enamel leading to complicated processes of root canal, and other specialized surgeries of extraction and artificial replacements of teeth.

At Texas Premier Dental we work day in and out for the eradication of these simple issues which later in the life complicate and get bigger and then becomes difficult to reverse the effects. It is seriously advised to ban the products for children younger than the age of 5 which contain a high content of artificial sugars like fizzy drinks and artificially colored and flavored candy bars.


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