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Monday, 1 September 2014

Natural Remedies to Soothe an Aching Tooth

Ever wondered what the people in the olden times did for tooth ache? Ever wondered if they experienced them? And did you ever wonder if there were people called dentists to help them? Well not exactly, for there was a time when people could feel the pain of a decomposed tooth or one with caries but had no help but natural elements to curb the pain or ornaments to get rid of them.

Yes times changed and today we are in an era that we have the most sophisticated methods time has ever seen to cater to the diseases and problems of any part of the body. Likewise the tooth is an important part of the body having sophisticated solutions. At Texas Premier we serve our patients and various clients with state of the art facility and top class experts and dentists for answering your problems.

Nevertheless we at Texas Premier Dental do believe in some effective natural remedies which one should always be aware of in emergency situations when help or immediate relief is not possible. First of all the simplest thing one can do in case of a tooth ache is to use salt warm water for gargling purposes. The soothing qualities of salt work miraculously for the sore gums and aching tooth.

In case if your teeth have become sensitive to the cold and hot foods then you should avoid the extreme temperatures in consumption of anything. Plus an over the counter medicated toothpaste for sensitive teeth are readily available which could be used for the purpose. Clove oil is also said to have a lot of therapeutic qualities and using a cotton bud dipped in clove oil to comfort the aching area does wonders to soothe the tooth.


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