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Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Do you have weak gums?

Do you see blood every time you spit while brushing your teeth? Do yours gums bleed often? And if yes what are the remedies or precautions to take in such circumstances? Questions like these and numerous ones alike have been asked time and again by our valued clientele at Texas Premier Dental. Today specifically we want to focus on weak gums and patients having in turn the problem of gingivitis.

At Texas Premier Dental many patients who come to us unfortunately are not direct sufferers of bad teeth and cavities but in fact are the victims of the resultant action of weak gums. Weak bleeding gums is a common complaint that we at Texas Premier Dental face. Time and again we have dealt with the most complicated situations resulting with weak gums however we have remained victorious in dealing with every challenging gum situation.

A disease like Leukaemia might also be the cause of persistent bleeding gums however usually the reasons for bleeding gums may include injury, mouth sores, nutritional disorders, pregnancy, blood disorders etc. Once your dentist diagnosis you as a patient having weak gums the things that you must avoid are chewy chocolates, hard crackers or hard substances to bite. Also to avoid are the extreme temperature drinks i.e. one should have liquids and food both without them being too hot or cold.

Similarly brushes with soft bristles should always be used and hard brushing should be avoided so that any undue pressure on the teeth and gums could be avoided. It is to be understood that weak gums in turn weakens the teeth causing different problems like caries, brittle teeth and overall discomfort in the mouth. At Texas Premier Dental we work day in an out to ensure that every medication and comfort we offer suits our patients’ needs perfectly.


  1. I think that I have weak gums. They seem to be very sensitive. I notice bleeding when I floss. I don't know if this is due to some kind of gum disease, or if they are weak.

  2. I'm worried I might have weak gums. I see blood in the sink when I brush my teeth fairly often. Not only that, but they always bleed when I floss too. That is more common than when I brush my teeth. Is it normal to see blood so often when flossing?

  3. No dear I have very healthy and white teeth. I just had my regular dental checkup from my family dentist Redondo Beach. Actually I follow all the dental care tips that my dentist gives me.