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Monday, 21 April 2014

Avoid Acid and Avoid Decay

“Sip all day and get decay” is one of the famous sayings in the field of dentistry. It is true as acidic drinks especially carbonated colas and soft drinks contain a high quantity of acid in them causing the bacteria to create a nice comfortable environment to dwell on. These bacteria then reside in areas of your teeth where the brush doesn’t reach and voila! Your teeth in no time decays to introduce a cavity which needs to be treated.

Experts and practitioners of Texas Premier Dental emphasize on the importance of brushing and doing it correct a lot of times but what is required now is to eliminate those chances for the bacteria to have recurrent incidences to cause the damage. This could be achieved by reducing the number of times one is exposed to acidic content of food. Constant chirping, biting and sipping are on the reasons that expose our mouth to the acid content of the food.

It is advised by Texas Premier Dental that there should be set intervals for those foods which have a high acid content so that its continuous exposure to the teeth could be avoided for example drinks like colas and other high content acidic foods and juices. If it is to be consumed do not do it in chunks in fact drink/eat it at one time and brush off the contents once and for all from the mouth. This way multiple chances for the bacteria to introduce in your mouth could be avoided.

Texas Premier Dental exposes itself to a myriad of problems its patients brings with them and hence to cater and avoid most we have devised strategies and training sessions for our patients to aware them of simple things which could generate great fruitful results in the future especially in terms of oral maintenance and hygiene.


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