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Monday, 28 April 2014

Lumineers Make Your Smile Perfect

Dental maintenance is a lifelong agenda. Sometimes in the form of regular dentistry and sometimes for cosmetic reasons, dental issues need to be addressed in the timeliest fashion. The prolonged the delay, the more threat the problem poses to multiply and play havoc with the oral hygiene. Hence always at Texas Premier Dental it is advised by us to keep your dental checkup calendar up to date.

In the field of dentistry continuous improvements for a better application of scientific knowledge for the ease and betterment of mankind could be performed. Previously veneers did an extraordinary job of creating a pleasant smile by getting rid of cracked, chipped and stained tooth, while today lumineers have definitely taken over the market.

The drills, shots and temporary unpleasant acrylics are now replaced with simple, easy and comfortable layering of the teeth with a thinner layer application making an entire procedure a favorable one for implementation. Lumineers require a maximum of two to three sittings where in the first one impression of your upper and lower teeth is took and then in the later visits they are bonded to the teeth with a finesse to ensure a correct balanced bite.

The Lumineers are ultra thin around 0.2mm. For a brighter, whiter and a more uniform structure of your teeth Lumineers are the best option. Hence no longer fret if you had been hiding your precious asset i.e. your smile because of that ugly stain on your front tooth or the chipped area of your tooth due to an accident… At Texas Premier Dental we have a solution for the unpleasant problems you might have to face in everyday situations. With a promise of quality and apt confidentiality we offer you services which not only boosts your confidence in yourself but also in us!


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