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Monday, 5 May 2014

What is best for you? Porcelain or Plastic Dentures

So are porcelain dentures better or plastic or ceramic? The World Wide Web with the help of Google gives numerous debates on the subject. However no definite answer is deciphered from it.

At Texas Premier Dental we not only provide the best clinical, cosmetic and regular dentistry services but also offer the most accurate and pertinent advice to our clients. With research and experience and quality dentistry practitioners it has been learnt that the variety of dentures are suitable for different anatomy of people, with age and gum related problems a constant reminder.

People who are aged and have numerous gum related problems would rather want to go with plastic dentures for their flexible nature. The dentures though are temporary but offer a great deal of ease in biting and chewing as compared to porcelain which is hard and noisy.

Similarly the clan who prefers cosmetic reasons as the top most agenda should go with porcelain dentures for they offer the most close to natural look of the teeth. Nevertheless the teeth if not maintained well may cause stains which can require again a procedure to be removed. Chipping off could be one other drawback for resisting porcelain make. Porcelain is hard material hence those having weak gums should avoid porcelain dentures as it may lead to further multiplication of oral problems.

Texas Premier Dental offers a thorough scan of our patients before opting for any choice of dentures. The medical history of the patient is carefully reviewed and evaluated with the gum analysis done to ensure the best fit and suitable mix of dentures used. It is precision and quality dentistry which puts our services on the top. The team of dentists at Texas Premier Dental works with a clear cut vision and a thorough study and then its application.


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